40gnai - autumn | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – autumn

so this week and next week (stay tuned!) are very similar prompts. so while thinking about autumn i tried to think what else signified the season besides the beautiful colors of leaves changing. the next thing that popped into my mind was pumpkin spice. i love the flavor, but i have come to loathe it because for some reason EVERY. DAMN. THING. is pumpkin spice flavored right now. literally why?! (fun fact: all but one of those links is a real pumpkin spice product!)

but anyway, that’s what i based this manicure on. who says you have to be inspired by things you like?!

40gnai - autumn | @bulletnails

i tried my hand at watermarbling again (i was going for a latte look). i’ve struggled a bit with it in the past but i also haven’t tried it enough to get very good at it. one thing that bothers me is how much polish i’m wasting so this time around i used a shot glass! that definitely helped, but i was only able to put in a few drops of each color – meaning it wouldn’t work with something very colorful – but for this was great. i also just tried to use a really light touch when drawing through the circles. i noticed the more i just skimmed the surface the better my lines were. so maybe i won’t give up on watermarbling after all…

colors used: sinful colors snow me white, models own copper pot, spoiled orange you glad.

40gnai - autumn | @bulletnails


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