40gnai - music | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – music

this weeks theme brought a lot of inspiration into this little brain of mine! i had three different ideas and wasn’t sure how to narrow it down. two of the designs were similar so i figured i could eliminate one of those pretty easy. and then i decided i had two hands so would do both of the others!

40gnai - music | @bulletnails

my first inspiration was playing music. i took piano lessons as a child. i was in band in middle and high school (played french horn, clarinet and trumpet). and have tried picking up the guitar a dozen or so times – little hands and long nails haven’t been very helpful here.

40gnai - music | @bulletnails

so i made guitar nails :) i had glittery nails from the crown mani i did earlier in the week and was reticent to remove it. so i worked it in to the new design as the strings. if i were to do this design again my accent nail would have been more of a circle of black with brown around it rather than being all black (to be more obviously the hole in the guitar).

40gnai - music | @bulletnails

my second design is all about the experience of listening to music. i’ve always been a fan of the visualizers on stereos and the computer and this is supposed to mimic the waveforms of music.

40gnai - music | @bulletnails

on this one too i kept the super glitter from my last mani and added the waveforms with a nail art pen. i like the pen a lot because i’m so used to drawing with a pen but it’s super liquidy, it spreads and stains (last time i used it, it was in the crack between my nail and finger for over a week!). so this time i made sure to keep it away from my skin.

40gnai - music | @bulletnails


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