night swimming

this is another manicure that i’ve seen around that i really wanted to try out for myself. found a good saran wrap tutorial over at amore and vita. i wish i had colors more like what they used (lighter!) but i’m just going to pretend my looks like a lake at night instead of a swimming pool during the day ;)

colors used were essie mojito madness and no more film.


teal tips

last night i took my polish off and was going to let my nails rest for a bit. but obviously that didn’t happen. i had purchased these polishes and couldn’t help myself!


neon marble

more watermarbling. this is one of my favorite looks but one that i’ve had the hardest time nailing down (haha puns!). i can’t decide if it’s the polishes that i use or if it’s user error or what.neon marblei did really like my thumb nail. but that was about it. i can’t seem to get the patterns that everyone else does. it might also be because i usually try to dip at least two fingers at a time – i hate wasting polish!


all the ombre

i just dyed half of my hair green/teal/turquoise! i’ve had “loud” colored hair for a long time but it’s always been the underneath part. or the tips. but i decided i needed something more dramatic. and it is :)ombreso in honor of my new hair, i colored my nails to match. teal/blue ombre. now if only i could figure out how to dye my hair with glitter!




this was a fun experiment. in the stamping kit that i got a while ago there was a great print that looks like butterfly wings. my original thought was to go for the obvious and do a yellow and orange monarch look but i just got this great silver holographic polish in the mail and really wanted to use it. overall i think the colors are great but i am still struggling with stamping! all these tutorials i watch everyone seems so proficient. maybe i’m trying to hard, or using the wrong polish or expecting too much. butterfly2

the stamp on these nails looks clean and a rich dark black but don’t be fooled – it’s sharpied! the stamp was originally so translucent and in some places almost non-existent that i would have either had to take all the polish off and do it again, or (as i decided to do) just trace over all the stamp with a fine tip sharpie. it was a lot more work than i planned on for this manicure but the result is good and i guess any practice with stamping can only make me better. butterfly3

the process for this manicure started out with a really unique polish that i got from claire’s/the icing. its called liquid metal and it’s very solid and shiny – i thought it would make a good base coat. the thing that’s unusual with this polish is that it dries almost immediately and is more like a paint pen than nail polish. i still haven’t decided if i like it or not, but a good buy nonetheless. next was my pretty new “pt young thing” holographic polish from kbshimmer on etsy. so pretty! lastly came the stamp in black with a whole bunch of colors sponged on top.



tentacles2i finally got my stamping stuff! i found an instagram video a while ago with a tutorial on how to do stamping where you leave it on the stamp and paint behind the design. i can’t seem to find the tutorial but the pic is here (i can’t wait til i’m at that level – it looks SO cool!). i love the mani on the right in that pic – such cool bright colors. my only worry is that people are going to tentacles1think they’re stickers. if i’m spending this much time on my nails – i want people to know that i did them by hand (mostly)! so anyway, here is my first foray into the world of nail stamping.

i had a few trial and errors while doing these nails. i knew the tentacles4design i wanted (this baby octopus was too cute not to use first) but i didn’t know how my polishes would hold up against the stamp. unfortunately, most of them didn’t do very well. they all ended up being very translucent and you could barely see the design. i did find a white that was strong enough, but didn’t really want just a plain white stamp. so i went a little overboard. to start out i painted a dark blue, did a white stamp and then did a gradient on top! whew! i did another stamp with a sheer glittery white/silver over all the nails to give it depth and movement. i like it on the ocean nails but it makes it hard to see the octopus and tentacles. i wish i had left it off of those. but overall a great first stamping set!