26gnai - pastel bold gradient | @bulletnails

26gnai – pastel to bold gradient with something on top

um. i think i’ve run out of things to say about my nails…

colors used: sally hansen lacey lilac, pop ablaze.

rupaul's drag race S09E03 | trinity taylor "princess aquapussy" inspired mani

RuPolished – Draggily Ever After

i knew the second trinity taylor walked out onto the stage what my mani this week was going to be. her princess name was very james bond, but her outfit was all me! i love mermaids so much – and that crown! ugh heaven.

rupaul's drag race S09E03 | trinity taylor "princess aquapussy"

just look at it. amazing.

rupaul's drag race S09E03 | trinity taylor "princess aquapussy"

she did a reveal – going from a mermaid dress to a swimsuit. i have mixed feelings about reveals on the runway. i feel like they’re on stage for 10 seconds in their first outfit then rip it off and are in something else the rest of the time. why even bother. but i did like both of her looks. i would wear the gown, well anywhere. and i’m going on vacation soon and really want the swimsuit for my lazy days on the beach!

so for my nails i played with some sculpey and created a few stars. i tried to make them starfish (longer points) but at the size i needed i just couldn’t stretch them out without pulling off one or more points. i think it’s because i typically run hot and so my warm hands were making the clay super malleable. i think i need one of those frozen tables they have at coldstone if i’m going to continue working with tiny intricate clay sculptures ;)

rupaul's drag race S09E03 | trinity taylor "princess aquapussy" inspired mani

i painted my nails in a vertical gradient (which i’m not sure i’ve done before) in three shades of green/blue to mimic trinity’s shimmery fabric. i did my thumbnail pink to represent her sassy starfish companion.

rupaul's drag race S09E03 | trinity taylor "princess aquapussy" inspired mani

lastly i glued on all the clay pieces and painted them with a glittery top coat and called it a day!

the only thing i wish was different about this mani is the middle color in the gradient. i liked it at the time but now that i compare my pictures to trinity’s outfit i realize there was a lot bigger contrast between the light and the dark colors. that doesn’t make me like it any less though :)

colors used: nicole iceberg lotus, femme fatale jasmine, salon perfect loopy lime, rimmel london (pink – no label). 


ncu – hippy / boho

i really like these! i think i would dress in the “boho” style if i ever wore anything besides my trusty jeans-tank-cardigan wardrobe. there’s so much to love about the boho style (as long as you ignore the annoying festival people). there’s a lot of mix and matching, flowers, jewel tones, lace.

so i tried to put all of that on my nails! for all of my nails i used my print-at-home temporary tattoo paper to get the details that my hands could never provide ;) my pinky is lace, and i really wanted it to be white lace, but a printer doesn’t print white so i tried to do a reverse and print the nude color. it’s not quite the right color but still kinda cute. then my ring finger has the ubiquitous gold found in all boho fashion, paired with a mandala (which i am super obsessed with and am considering getting one as a real tattoo somewhere). middle finger is a really pretty pattern that just said boho to me, not sure why. then there are some daisy’s on my pointer and turquoise on my thumb.


there are some great nail tutorials out there (left by kristen @ lacquerstyle) to your nails to look like legit turqouise stones. just by using plastic wrap and a spritzy water marble technique that looks super easy.

i will try that some day, but as i was planning this mani i discovered 1: i don’t have a good turquoise colored polish and 2: i don’t own hairspray. so until later on that one…

colors used: wet n wild french white crème, sally hansen golden-i.

rupaul's drag race S09E02 | cynthia lee fontaine "white party" mani

RuPolished – She Done Already Done Brought It On

yay cynthia’s back! i told my friend last week that whoever the returning queen is will already have a huge advantage just because no one on this season so far stood out. and while that is true (and cynthia (and her cucu) is the biggest personality on the show now) i do think the other queens stepped it up this week.

i do think quite a few of the “white party” outfits were pretty great: i really liked aja’s with the mask (i wish she had kept it on the whole time though and stayed in the creepy hanibal lecter character through the entire runway), i liked farah’s showgirl-mirrored-feather ensemble, and i loved valentina’s wedding dress (even though it was a slightly obvious choice). i really think, even though everyone was clocking her for being a newbie, she’s the one to watch.

i’m also relieved that they’re back to the regular runway set – i would have died if they kept the high-school-gym-turned-pageant-show set they had last week.

rupaul's drag race S09E02 | cynthia lee fontaine "white party" mani

so my nail’s are painted for ms. fontaine’s white party look. 1: because it was gorgeous and sparkly and super classy and i’m glad she’s back (although it would have be the best if it was shangela again!) and 2: because i had no idea how i would paint some of these other plain white outfits onto my nails!

colors used: wet n wild french white crème, sinful colors tokyo pearl.

26gnai - green freestyle | @bulletnails

26gnai – green freestyle

for my green freestyle the first thing i thought of was a mermaid tail. so i gathered up all my green polishes and just started dotting away. that’s kinda all there is to this one…

26gnai - green freestyle | @bulletnails

i really like these nails close up!

26gnai - green freestyle | @bulletnails

colors used: blackheart beauty green/ylw shimmer, mentality pastillesourball, sally hansen sparkling water, kbshimmer pt young thing, opi green on the runway, sinful colors mint apple.

rupaul's drag race S09E0a | Farrah Moan (un)inspired mani

RuPolished – Oh My Gaga

i finally just saw episode one of rupaul’s drag race season 9! honestly this whole thing has been a let down. it starts out with the show now being on vh1 and the fact that it pretty much does not exist online ANYWHERE!! tv networks need to realize that many people are moving away from cable, and if they want our business then they’re going to have to make show available to us (i pay for 3 different tv services and am willing to sit through commercials for the many networks that provide their content for free).

anyway – i finally found a friend with cable and it seems i will be bugging him every week to get my fix.

the other big disappointment was the show itself. i know it’s early, but i didn’t really like any of the workroom or runway outfits (btw – that new runway is awful! where are they going to lip-synch for their lives?!) and i didn’t really like any of the girls.

i’m going to keep watching and hopefully it’ll get better, but i’m worried – i watched america’s next top model for 22 seasons and when (for the 23rd) it moved to vh1, the set-up, judges and contestents were so… blah… that i didn’t even finish the season. i hope and pray that this same fate won’t befall drag race.

anyway, rant over. kind of. the design i did on my nails was farrah moan’s workroom entry outfit. i chose this one because (besides being easy to paint) i both liked and disliked it. i liked it because it’s just a chain and panties (i liked the potential here). but i disliked it because it could have been so much more. and why on earth did you wear tighty whities?!?! it either needed to be nude panties so it looked like she was completely nekked or a fun color or lace or something to be sexy. this just looked like she stole some little boys underwear from the laundromat on her way in…

ncu - sweets | @bulletnails

ncu – sweets

so i gave up “sweets” for the month of february. just to see if i had the willpower to do so, to see if after not eating them if i would still crave them, and hopefully to loose some weight. well i did, i still do (but not as much) and i did. so success. a month later and it’s easier to not have sweets very often. i have been able to choose healthier snacks (apples are my current favorite) and hopefully i will be able to keep up with this.

during this no-sweets-february – chocolate was the hardest thing to live without. so i am paying homage to all the chocolate that i did not eat in february, and hopefully nails-that-look-like-chocolate will be enough to not eat it too much now either ;)

i used three different colors on top, i was thinking white chocolate caramel and dark chocolate. and the base would be milk chocolate.

okay, i’ve got to stop writing about this before i talk myself into finding a candybar…

colors used: homemade brown frankenpolish, essie partners in crime, mentality marmalade, sinful colors social ladder.