26gnai – water

this was how i painted my nails when i went to hawaii! i knew i would be in the water (and at the beach) a lot, so what better way to fit in than with water nails ;)

i started with a gradient. easy-peasy. then came the part i’ve had trouble with before – the spritzy-water-marble look that i wanted to do a few weeks ago for the hippy/boho prompt (to make it look like turquoise).


one of my problems back then was that i didn’t own hairspray. which is probably a strange thing to say. but i don’t use it. my hair is super thin and straight and hairspray just doesn’t do much for me. but for the sake of my nails i went out and bought some – its outrageous that the 2.something ounce travel bottle is the same price as the 10 ounce full size bottle. so i have to choose between wasting money (sm btl) or wasting product (big btl). booo.


somehow i only took some photos of the final mani once i was on vacation. and then only with my gopro. which is cool because it’s water nails in the water, but not very focused or hi-res… oh well. i don’t even care because i was in hawaii!!

colors used: femme fatale alice, mentality gumdrop, essie no more film


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