rupaul's drag race S09E02 | cynthia lee fontaine "white party" mani

RuPolished – She Done Already Done Brought It On

yay cynthia’s back! i told my friend last week that whoever the returning queen is will already have a huge advantage just because no one on this season so far stood out. and while that is true (and cynthia (and her cucu) is the biggest personality on the show now) i do think the other queens stepped it up this week.

i do think quite a few of the “white party” outfits were pretty great: i really liked aja’s with the mask (i wish she had kept it on the whole time though and stayed in the creepy hanibal lecter character through the entire runway), i liked farah’s showgirl-mirrored-feather ensemble, and i loved valentina’s wedding dress (even though it was a slightly obvious choice). i really think, even though everyone was clocking her for being a newbie, she’s the one to watch.

i’m also relieved that they’re back to the regular runway set – i would have died if they kept the high-school-gym-turned-pageant-show set they had last week.

rupaul's drag race S09E02 | cynthia lee fontaine "white party" mani

so my nail’s are painted for ms. fontaine’s white party look. 1: because it was gorgeous and sparkly and super classy and i’m glad she’s back (although it would have be the best if it was shangela again!) and 2: because i had no idea how i would paint some of these other plain white outfits onto my nails!

colors used: wet n wild french white crème, sinful colors tokyo pearl.

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