ncu - coffee | @bulletnails

ncu – coffee

i’ve decided to join another nail art challenge (since crumpets an every other week challenge this year) that will happen on opposite weeks. so now i will have a challenge every friday. as worried as i am about finding time for it, i think this new challenge (nail crazies unite) has some themes that speak to me a little more so hopefully will get my creative juices flowing.

ncu - coffee | @bulletnails

anyway this past friday was their first prompt. and having just been accepted i did one today! the theme is coffee. i can only drink decaf because caffeine gives me migraines and what really is the point of coffee if not caffeine. so i don’t really drink it. but when i do it’s such a light shade of brown that some people wonder if there’s actually any coffee in it.

ncu - coffee | @bulletnails

ncu - coffee | @bulletnails

so that’s where my design came from. the amounts of ingredients i use when having a cup of coffee. it kinda reminds me of an infographic – i’ve seen some really cool ones for cocktail ingredients done this way.

i think this is a really fun & funny way to make a coffee mani. i love that it’s super not obvious that it’s coffee :)

colors used: sinful colors tokyo pearl, essie partner in crime, sally hansen pearly whites, opi muppets world tour, and kiss spa10 silver glitter.

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