26gnai - halloween | @bulletnails

26gnai – halloween in the wrong colors

i’m struggling with feeling excited about any of the prompts this round. they’re just not speaking to me. they’re not inspiring me. like this one. “halloween in the wrong colors.” what are the wrong colors? i feel like halloween is the holiday with the least strict color code to start with (sure orange and black, but yellow, purple, green, dark blue etc are all typical too). it’s not like christmas (red green and maybe white), valentine’s day (red/pink) or fourth of july (red white and blue) etc.

so instead of exploding my brain trying to think of what to do, i decided to choose a recognizable halloween character and do my typical simplification to it. oh and make it the wrong colors. in this case – the opposite colors…

26gnai - halloween | @bulletnails

i chose the bride of frankenstein. i love her hair! i’ve wanted to be bride of frankenstein for halloween for a white, but i haven’t done it because i want to do it right! and lately i tend to procrastinate around halloween time. maybe next year…

26gnai - halloween | @bulletnails

i did my other hand in the correct colors – so that people at work or whatever might have a chance to actually guess what the design is.


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