26gnai - blue and silver | @bulletnails

26gnai – blue and silver

starting a new challenge with crumpet’s nail tarts today. this time it’s way simpler – and only every other week. that’s good and bad. some of the challenges were… well… challenging. but some of them got my brain going and i created some really cool stuff. and being only twice a month gives me a chance to do some other stuff just for fun, but i worry that i’ll get lazy. i guess we’ll see what happens.

the first challenge was simple blue and silver. i have this really nice “satin” textured navy and outlined it with a “liquid chrome” silver color. i have mixed feelings about this outline design. i’ve never really liked it when i’ve done this style before. and i’ve never really liked it when i’ve seen it on other people. yet here i am again. i want to like it. i just don’t know that i do.

26gnai - blue and silver | @bulletnails

well, i don’t hate it. the chrome polish went on really smoothly – i got some nice thin, straight lines because of that. i like the colors. i like the texture. so okay. i think the thing that bothers me about the design is that it makes my (and everyone else’s) fingernails look small. i have trouble growing my nails out very far. no matter what i do they always break and are typically about the same length. it’s like my hair – no matter how long i let it grow it only seems to get to a certain point. so i don’t want to make them look any shorter. also because i have a pretty big curve to my nails the line pretty much disappear on the sides.

colors used: claire’s dime a dozen, sally hansen deluxe.


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