SIA | @bulletnails

SIA concert


so i missed the last prompt of the year long crumpet’s challenge. i was planning on doing it, even alluded to it in my last post. but something cooler came up and my nails had to honor that instead!

on saturday i got to go to a sia concert (with miguel – swoon!). it was amazing. it was just like you would think it would be – sia standing at the back of the stage, bangs-covered face, belting out all her amazing songs with maddie and a few other dancers dressed in nude leotards jumping around the stage. it was really beautiful actually.

i found out i was going to the concert on tuesday – which is why i didn’t have time for the last crumpet’s prompt (earth tones with fan brush). it was understandably usurped!

SIA | @bulletnails

so i tried two different things with my nails – one hand i did half and half like sia’s current iconic wig and the other i used a nude base to mimic the leotard. then each has a little sia face with big bow accent nail :)

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