hookah smoking caterpillar

hookah smoking caterpillar

i don’t really ever do swatches. i barely even do my nails with only one color! but i just got this in the mail and i’m so excited about it.

hookah smoking caterpillar swatch by @eileenreis

the beautiful pic to the left popped up from @eileenreis on my insta feed a while back and i knew i had to have it. unfortunately when i went to find it at girlybits they didn’t have it.

so i was patient. and checked back. until finally there it was – available for my grubby little hands to snatch up. normally the price tag would be a huge hurdle here. i love doing my nails but for the most part can get a good design done with $2 drugstore polishes. but this gorgeous lacquer was about to set me back $20.11. for one bottle! that’s a whole decimal place different.

hookah smoking caterpillar

i obviously bought it. or i wouldn’t have pictures. to justify this purchase i ended up spending even more money and getting two more polishes. i know it seems counterintuitive but my reasoning is that shipping didn’t increase, therefore the price of each bottle went down… or something like that.

hookah smoking caterpillar

color used: girlybits hookah smoking caterpillar.

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