40gnai - yellow & silver + gradient | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – yellow & silver + gradient

i struggled here! yellow and silver did not mix well for me! i tried doing a sponge gradient that ended up an ugly mess (the mixed part in the middle was a really matte brownish green). i tried painting them yellow and sponging on silver. i tried painting them silver and sponging on yellow. all of it ended up looking poopy (literally).

40gnai - yellow & silver + gradient | @bulletnails

so instead of relying on the normal definition of gradient i was forced to think outside of the box. which is actually really good for me. i love gradients and they’re probably my most used technique but they’re all technically the same.

40gnai - yellow & silver + gradient | @bulletnails

so for my yellow and silver gradient i decided to make a half-tone pattern or bubbles or rain or something. i used a few different sized dotting tools and just went crazy. and i love how it turned out! the yellow is super bright (and makes me look really tan) and really makes the chromey silver really stand out. really simple but took a lot of creative thinking to get here!

colors used: salon perfect yowza yellow, claire’s liquid metal dime a dozen.

40gnai - yellow & silver + gradient | @bulletnails


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