40gnai - insects | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – insects

i like this mani – it just doesn’t quite fit the prompt. i’ve done an insect manicure once before for an animal print prompt. it was also a beetle. they’re just so interesting! unfortunately this one ended up not quite so interesting.

there were so many ideas i had in my brain – but most of them i knew i couldn’t pull off. i really wanted to do something with bug eyes. i love how crazy they look. especially macro photos – beautiful. i have no idea how to translate that to my fingernails – maybe someone else in the group will have and i can try to figure out how they did it!

so i looked up some beetles and did a lazy version of these:

i only have one textured polish, which is blue, so i used that as my base – sponging it on to try and concentrate the texture even more. then i added black over the top, sponging again so as not to fill in the texture but to also take out some of the shine.

40gnai - insects | @bulletnails

you can still see some of the blue underneath. i meant to cover it completely, but actually like the added color :) i could have left it like that, but decided it wasn’t buggy enough so i added some lines to mimic the shape of the beetle’s shell.

40gnai - insects | @bulletnails

colors used: essie lots of lux, spoiled visually slimming, essie matte about you.

40gnai - insects | @bulletnails


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