40gnai - coral/white + ikat | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – coral & white + ikat

another color plus design week. i’ve done ikat once before and i really liked it – it was easy to do, hard to mess up and looks fancy/complicated. i realized after doing this one that it also has a lot to do with color choices. i like the coral and white combo but i needed another color. i debated between silver, gold and navy. as you can see i went with the silver. which i’m happy with. i think i would have liked the navy better but i was worried that it would overshadow the actual colors i was supposed to use this week.

the white i used is a very shimmery pretty color. but super translucent. i thought starting with a base coat of that would be enough, but as my design started taking shape i realized i was going to have to go in for some touch-ups and a bit of added white in the middles. ugh. i had to use an opaque white then cover it with the shimmery white. the middle of each diamond is sitting like three inches off my nail – there’s so much polish!

40gnai - coral/white + ikat | @bulletnails

it’s cute though. i think they colors make it look very dainty, which is nice because i don’t typically do dainty. i like the nails that have a diamond on the top and bottom of the nail rather than the ones with it in the middle. you see more of the coral and the overall pattern on those.

i hate that i forget about this design until it pops up in a challenge. it’s so quick and easy – i should be doing it more often!

colors used: sinful colors social ladder, wet n wild dreamy poppy, sally hansen celeb city.

40gnai - coral/white | @bulletnails

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