rupaul's drag race S08E08 | kim-chi book ball runway inspired manicure

RuPolished – Book Ball

this weeks episode consisted of way too much bickering between derrick and naomi. at one point i told my friends that if they cut into the runway portion to show this squabbling that i was going to riot. luckily for my friends – this week was an hour and a half episode and i got a full runway show.

rupaul's drag race S08E08 | kim-chi book ball runway inspired manicure

the main runway challenge this week was to make a gown out of books! and the outfits turned out amazing. i love the challenges where the queens have to make something. they’re always so creative (or awful, which is also fun to see). three of the five were something that i could see on a real runway (naomi especially needs to go into fashion design i think).

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.24.48 AM

for my mani i chose kim chi. even though i only used one outfit as inspiration – it was her set of three that made me like hers the best this week. her story had to do with her being a little sprout with lots of creativity, then her traditional mother who doesn’t know kim does drag and then kim as a flower – all the potential and beauty that she has and will achieve.

rupaul's drag race S08E08 | kim-chi book ball runway inspired manicure

unfortunately, my mani was not as much of a win as the girls’ outfits. i tried two new techniques and neither of them worked how i wanted them to. the first was newspaper transfer. i’ve seen this before and was never something i was super in to, but thought it was perfect for this mani (perfect only after my printer decided not to work and i couldn’t do my temp tattoo instead). i watched a few youtube vids then went for it. and nothing happened. i tried again. no transfer. the problem was that i had used a top coat (so my nails would be dry as i’m smooshing newspaper on to them). so i put on a matte top coat and whallah! text on my nails. but big text. with lots of space between the lines. so i did a second transfer at an angle to show more, and i guess to match all the overlaid papers on kim’s dress.

rupaul's drag race S08E08 | kim-chi book ball runway inspired manicure

my second new technique fail was the one stroke style (where you have two colors on your brush and it looks really cool on flowers and stuff when done right). well i apparently didn’t do it right. i used two pinks – trying to match kim’s headpiece – and they must’ve been too close in color because it just looked like pink. i ended up going back over the tip of my nail with another color to fake the style.

when it was down to the final two, i told my friends that if bob went home i was going to throw the tv out the [6th story] window. this was an easy threat to make because there’s no comparison between the two, but also because i was at my friend’s house and therefore it was not my tv ;) lucky for me and the owner of the tv, the right person went home this week. but after this – anyone could win! they’re all great and i won’t be upset no matter who wins (i will be upset every time someone goes home though).


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