rupaul's drag race S08E05 | madonna inspired runway challenge

RuPolished – Snatch Game

oh snatch game, you bitch. when it comes to rupaul’s drag race, snatch game is a certain. and yet these girls aren’t prepared. chi-chi acted like a cat because ertha kit played cat woman and chi-chi has a cat. gurl. you have to be at the top of your game here!

rupaul's drag race S08E05 | bob the drag queen as uzo aduba (aka crazy eyes on orange is the new black)

derrick barry was good at britney – but then again he better be! bob was my favorite. his uzo aduba (crazy eyes from orange is the new black) was so perfect – in action and looks. and then his switch to carol channing was a risk but totally paid off – his carol was hilarious.

the  runway look this week was inspired by madonna. i hadn’t though about it until this week (out of how many seasons?!) but the girls must get notified ahead of time about what the challenges are going to be. they have to. it’s the only way there could be 4 queens who went out on the runway in a kimono. they must have known there would be a madonna challenge and packed one thing for it. otherwise at least 3 of them should have been wearing something else.

and really? a kimono – that’s the look that you chose? ew. she’s had so many fashion rebirths during her career and you all chose the same. exact. one. so this week instead of copying one of the queens looks i decided to do my own madonna recreation. (although bob’s was my favorite – she won it for me this week)

rupaul's drag race S08E05 | madonna inspired runway challenge

when i think of madonna it’s 80’s madonna. bleach blonde hair with jet black roots, lace, bracelets on bracelets and necklaces on necklaces, crosses, pearls, bows. so this is my attempt at hand-drawn lace. i like it – if you were to look at it without knowing the challenge i don’t think you’d get it, but that’s okay it’s still cute without knowing the theme.

spoiler warning: do not continue reading if you haven’t seen this episode (and care what happens in it): i am really upset that acid betty went home. yes she was bad in snatch game, but so were robbie, nina and chi-chi. and her runway was cute and creative (and not a kimono). she was always so out-of-the-box creative and over-the-top on the runway – this is one of only a small number of times i have disagreed with someone leaving the show (i may not always agree, but usually don’t think they were actually wrong in their decisions). i think we lost a lot by not getting to see more from her.

colors used: essie cocktails and coconuts, spoiled visually slimming, sally hansen wedding glitters, sinful colors snow me white, sally hansen celeb city.


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