rupaul's drag race S08E04 | naysha lopez runway inspired mani

RuPolished – New Wave Queens

i really enjoyed this episode. the music was fun(ny) and i absolutely loved the runway theme – neon!


i was floored by most of the runway looks – bob (was that nail polish on her head?), betty (so fishy! & where can i get that wig?!), naysha (one of the top looks, like ever), robbie turner (1800’s realness) & nina (a pointy bra and legs for days) were my favorites!

IMG_9976so much inspiration! but when i saw naysha’s i knew it was all over. the only thing left was to figure out how to do this outfit justice. and there was SO much more i wanted to do. this outfit was crazy – airbrushed to death, spikes, gems, neon, spandex – i wanted to include it all. but as i was working i found out that simpler might be better.


i did this hand first – i was really wanting to go for it! i got all the colors in there, the vertical gradient, the horizontal stripes (i wish i had an airbrush machine!) and the dots. i don’t have any spikes (neon or otherwise) and all my gems are too big and would have taken over the whole nail. but i got the base of the outfit.


then it was almost time for bed. what to do. i was just going to leave my other hand as it was – primed with white but unadorned – but decided i had enough time to make it match. as long as it was simple. i did the vertical gradient, then decided i had enough time to do the orange stripes – then time for bed young lady! i actually really like this hand too. it’s much simpler / less busy. i think it works better as a manicure because it’s not overwhelming. but the other bring out more of the outfit.

overall, i’m glad i have both versions!

colors used: sinful colors snow me white, model’s own luis lemon, beach hut, pink punch, toxic apple & pukka purple.

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