40gnai - fashion | @bulletnails

40GNAI – fashion

during my 30 minute google search of “2016 fashion week” i came to the realization that i do not understand fashion. at all.

like if i saw this person, wearing this outfit, out on the street, i might give her a dollar. or my leftovers from dinner that i’m tired of carrying around.


or this ^^ – i have no words.

40gnai - fashion | @bulletnails

so, com@lieve91pletely uninspired by the mess that is “high fashion” – i decided to go with the only fashion note that i know: the little black dress. i did fancy it up a bit (inspired by @lieve91 on instagram – who is amazing with fashion inspired manis) with a bit of purple gradient. it’s cute but you can only see the purple when out in the sunshine. lucky for me, even though it’s february, it is 73° outside so i have ample time to see it in the sun :)

colors used spoiled visually slimming, nicole by opi show you care.

UPDATE: i added some pink dry brush / fan brushing to this mani to spice it up a little. i covered up all the purple, but it stands out a lot more. i like both versions – but this was a good addition!

40gnai - fashion 2.0 | @bulletnails

40gnai - fashion | @bulletnails

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