pink fishtail | @bulletnails

neon fishtail

my first time doing a fishtail! i really like the way this turned out :) the pink and purple are both new – from, torrid, a really great clothing store for curvy girls – and of course i wanted to do something with them right away.

salmon fishtailthe colors look really nice together and the pink even makes me look tan (even though i am the exact opposite of that!). the only trouble i ran in to was that the colors aren’t quite opaque enough for the fishtail to work properly. because of this i had two options (neither ideal): 1 –  paint on a thin to normal coat of each color and just deal with being able to see the color underneath or 2 – paint thick or double layers of each, doubling the drying time and taking up my entire evening. as you can see, i went with more of option #1.

salmon fishtail

colors used: torrid purple irridecent [sic], torrid neopink, and kbshimmer pt. young thing.

purple fishtailafter wearing this mani for a few days all the pink nails started to chip. the fishtails were fine though so instead of redoing the whole thing i repainted the pink to purple. i’m really happy with being able to keep these a few extra days – they’re cute and like a whole new design (but way easy!).

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