40 Great Nail Art Ideas – “your job”

this was a fun but very last minute mani! my life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately (in a good way) and i just didn’t get time for this manicure until late last night :(

40gnai - job

i would have liked to spend some more time on this and even out the letters and stuff – but otherwise i think it’s cute!

40gnai - jobso if you don’t know – these are design applications and i’m a graphic designer. so we have indesign for page layout, illustrator for vector artwork (think type and logos etc) and photoshop for, well photoshopping ;) the thumb and pinky are silver with an apple logo to represent my imac that i do my design work on, and my “day job” at the apple store.

also fun story – last night i was watching the movie jobs about steve jobs, founder of apple computers, while painting my jobs themed nails about working at apple. i’m confused ;) but totally a subconscious pick movie-wise!

colors used: claire’s liquid metal in dime a dozen, maybelline pink shock, nyx girls forever 1989, spoiled plenty of fish in the sea and spoiled visually slimming.



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