halloween part 4

hocus-pocus-movie-poster-1619i’m back with another halloween manicure (also the theme this week for crumpets 40). this one is based on my favorite halloween movie: hocus pocus. besides being an awesome halloween movie, this was the first movie i ever saw in the theaters without my parents! that was 22 years ago! i kinda don’t even believe that. (imdb won’t let me live in denial thought).

so my manicure is the wonderful sandersen sisters: sarah, winifred and mary as well as their spell book and the full moon / movie cover.

as much as i love this manicure – this is the only picture i have of it. unfortunately when i put the top coat on it completely smeared the paint. i don’t ever do this, but the photo above had to have some extensive photoshopping to save it. luckily most of the streaks were on their faces which were plain anyway and could easily be removed. a lot of it was from their lips – i don’t know if it’s the red i used or what.

imgresalso the words hocus pocus were definitely not on my nails – that’s just a little embellishment i did while editing the photo. i had wanted to write it on but there was no way i could do it small enough. and i’m too picky to not have had it in the correct typeface anyway!

colors used: most were mixtures (ie all their lips used the same base with another mixed in to give similarity but not sameness), essie cocktails & coconuts, sally hansen mellow yellow, essie partners in crime, essie lots of lux, and wet n wild red red.


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