halloween part 3

tincturescan you tell yet that i love halloween? today’s manicure was inspired by my halloween party bar from last year. i had decorated all the alcohol bottles with fun witchy / spooky / halloween labels. it was so cute! some of the bottles are actually still decorated like this (some partly because i no longer remember what alcohol is in the bottle!). for my mani i found some cute designs on etsy and made some nail stickers using my trusty temporary tattoo paper.


i had to squeeze and squish the designs a lot to fit on my nails. they’re pretty small, but not entirely unreadable. i tried to focus on fitting and centering the the image, then the title and then whatever else fit.

tincturestincturesi started with a coat of spoiled i’m so jaded and added brush strokes of kbshimmer pt. young thing. then a few coats of wet n wild glo’ money, glo’ problems glow in the dark polish. and finally the temp tattoos. my nails look really cool in the dark – but i have not figured out how to capture them on camera! i read a few blogs about photographing glow in the dark manicures, but it just seems like no matter what i do, i just get black or at the most, blurry photos (ie image below).


you can kinda see here that the tattoos do a nice job of blacking out part of the glow so the design is just as cool in the dark as it is in the light (sorry but you might have to use your imagination!!).

i like these. the tattoo paper is aways nice to be able to do complex designs in a small space and not to have to spend an inordinate amount of time. if i were to do these again the only thing i would do different would be to use a more parchment-y color scheme than the green and silver.


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