halloween part 2

so i’ve moved on from my rant about women’s halloween costumes. i’m not over it, i’m just over thinking about it. i found my costume for this year and it’s really fun. i found a super cool demon mask online and have based my costume around that. i was just researching colored contacts – i would love to do the black out ones. two problems arose: 1: price. the regular black out lenses are $28 and the ones that black out the entire eye are $256!!!!! dang. they’re so cool though. problem 2: i already wear contacts. i had a pair in my cart before i realized that i couldn’t even were them! unless i wore glasses. i don’t think a demon with glasses is a very scary thought ;)

lil spookson to the nails! this time i did some fun little spooks. these were inspired by some nail wraps by jamberry. characters include: jack o lantern, ghost, devil, black cat and frankenstein. i think frank is my favorite – he’s very obvious and i like his little stitches.

colors: spoiled visually slimming, heaven power up green, nyx girls forever 1989, maybelline pink shock, opi bogotá blackberry, wet n wild french white crème, sally hansen posh plum.

lil spooks

lil spooksas i was wearing these around i kept thinking it was missing something. both the ghost and jack o lantern didn’t seem complete. the ghost is just a little too subtle so i went back in and added the word boo (below). that fixed that, but with jack i didn’t figure out what was wrong until i was in the car on the way to a camping weekend – he’s missing the ridges of his pumpkin. so i drew them in with a pen while in the car. it’s messy and it rubbed off right away but that was definitely what he was missing.

lil spooks

this week also happens to be the “orange purple and green” prompt for the crumpets nail tarts 52 week challenge. this week is a color / patten cycle: everyone uses those three colors but each person has a different pattern assignment. i didn’t sign up for that side of the challenge and mine don’t utilize a pattern, but they do coincidentally fit the color prompt. so if you’re looking for other manis with those colors click the image below.

40gnai - orange, purple, and green


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