40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Geeks

sheldonweek three of the crumpets 40 is geeks. there was a lot i could do for this one. but my favorite geek is sheldon cooper. he’s so weird and annoying but lovable and fun.

so my geek nails are dedicated to sheldon. bazinga! colors used: opi opi red and sally hansen mellow yellow.

40gnai - geeks

i think it turned out really cute – i’ve had it on for a few days and have gotten some really nice feedback. i like that the ‘bazinga’ nail is natural because i think it makes the graphic stand out – i just don’t like how stained my ring finger is on my right hand. luckily it’s just at the tip – almost all grown out!

i also really love this red – i’ve worn it before (the bottles almost gone) but it just looks really nice in this manicure. it may have to do with the fact that i’m tan right now – so the color goes with my skin tone better. but it just looks so glossy and sexy! i guess geeks and sexy aren’t mutually exclusive right?!

40gnai - geeks

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