fall leaves

i live in california. there are no seasons here. trees, flowers, grass, all grow all year long. so i decided the only way i was going to see the changing leaves was to put them on my fingers!

falli was originally going to paint on the veins of the leaves but i decided to try imprinting them instead. i’m sure there’s some technical term for it but i don’t know what it is…

fallanyway i started out with a makeup sponge and put dabs of autumnal colors on it, then transferred to my nails. i tried to mix it up as i was applying to my nails so that the pattern on each would be slightly different and you’d see more of some colors pop out.

fallas you can see in the pic on the left, when i put on the top coat it really filled in the grooves that i had dug into the polish and makes the leaves a lot more subtle. i think in most of these pictures i like the before top coat versions better because it’s more dramatic. but in real life i like that my nails are a little smoother.


colors used: opi bogotá blackberry, homemade brown, mentality taffy, heaven power up green, and wet n wild sunny side up.

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