40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Hobbies

I’m starting a new nail challenge with the group from crumpets nail tarts. it’s a very interesting way to form the challenge – each week there is a prompt, but some people are doing odd weeks (themes) and some are doing even (colors+style). i went with the odd weeks (because i’m slightly odd and) because i thought the themes would give me the most inspiration.

40gnai - hobbiesso week one is hobbies. this sounds depressing but i couldn’t think of any hobbies i have. besides painting my nails (obvs). i do do stuff. it just all seems to be computer based and that didn’t give me much inspiration. i tried to think of what else i do for fun. well, i drink. so there you have it – a beer inspired manicure ;)

colors used: sally hansen wedding glitters and sinful colors snow me white.



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