i’ve realized, doing this manicure, that i should never paint my nails while watching a movie marathon. because apparently my subconscious will paint that movie onto my nails.


if you haven’t guessed it already, i just watched all the x-men movies. maybe my fingernails just wanted to have super powers – if so i wouldn’t blame them.

x-nails_inspirationi was inspired by this manicure by claire watson. so i started out trying to do a tape mani for these. i haven’t really gotten the hang of that yet. for some reason it’s really hard for me to place the tape very well with only one hand or something. then i always seem to peel up the polish underneath (i can be a little impatient) or the top color peels up or seeps through. for this one i decided that instead of taking up a bunch of time trying to lay out the tape, i would just do the lines by hand. they’re a bit thicker and uneven this way but i don’t mind that too much.


i also don’t have as long of nails as this person and without the tape it made it a lot harder to get the same design.

colors used: kbshimmer pt. young thing, sally hansen pep-plum and gunmetal, essie sunday funday and garden variety.

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