31dc: day twenty four: inspired by a book

okay okay i know this has been done before but i had a lot of trouble thinking of a book to model my nails after. I read A LOT but none of the titles or plots or even jacket art screamed manicurable! plus i was just talking with some friends about what houses we’d be in if we were sorted at hogwarts. did you know there’s an official website that will tell you your house? it’s real in depth and honestly kind of annoying ¬†(you have to create an account – with a legit email tfrom which you must respond- ugh) but I feel like i trust the results ;) IMG_0021 the house scarves were a pretty clear and obvious sign of harry potter, but the little lightning bolt really puts it over the top :) (i’m a slytherin by the way…) colors: spoiled very slimming, kiss silver glitter, spoiled did I die it to blonde, maybelline racing rubies, sally hansen babe blue, essie no more film, sinful colors (yellow?), essie garden variety, spoiled distant memory.



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