31dc: day twenty one: inspired by a tv show

31dc tv showthis is the challenge that i changed. the original was “inspired by a color.” well, i did an entire week of colors and figured i could do something better with a different prompt. there’s quite a few media prompts coming up – but no tv. i thought that was strange. there’s such a wealth of entertainment (good and bad) on the television. actually, i could probably do this whole month with just tv shows! but that’s definitely not going to happen!

31dc tv show

if you can’t tell, the tv show i chose was orphan black if you don’t watch this already, start. like now. it’s okay i’ll wait…

oh good, you’re back. great show right!

31dc tv showtatiana maslany is an amazing actress – i really believe she is all those different people. like sometimes i think, there’s got to be at least two of her. like the olsen twins on full house. but instead of two people playing one, i31dc tv showt’s two people playing ten (or however many there are). that’s the only way my brain can make sense of it.

i think the alison and rachel drawings are the hardest – they look to generic in nail polish form. but the others, sarah, cosima and helena work great, if i do say so myself.


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