31dc: day twenty: water marble

i tried a few different methods of water marbling this time. i really like water marbling and again, it’s just one of those things i haven’t quite mastered. my colors don’t ever disperse as nice as they do in the youtube tutorials.

31dc watermarblei used my kbshimmer pt young thing for the base coat and sally hansen fuchsia power, gunmetal and invisible for the water marble. on my ring finger i tried the marble without the invisible because when i dropped that in the water it spread out sooo much – reducing the other colors to super thin lines. but when i did it without it completely covered up the holo.

31dc watermarble

i really like my middle finger. this actually came about after i started creating a pattern and it was all sticking to my needle. i gave up and was just swooshing it all around trying to get the needle to pick everything up and thought, hey that’s a better pattern than i get when i’m trying. so maybe not trying is my key to success here ;)



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