31dc: day fifteen: delicate(s)

today’s prompt is delicate print. i decided to do a bustier and some back seam tights. haha get it – because they’re delicates. it’s probably a good thing i think i’m funny – someone’s got to!

31dc delicate

i’m still struggling a bit with stamping. i want it to work so badly but it just doesn’t like me. this corset gave me some trouble – i stamped onto a silicon baking sheet to make a decal that i could transfer. this seems to make more sense right now as i’m trying to perfect my technique because if the stamp doesn’t copy completely or it’s messy or whatever, i don’t have to redo my 31dc delicatepolish i just restamp. which is good, because i had to stamp this one four times before i got one that was filled in and had the details too. the decal method also means that i can get the stamp on pretty straight each time (another thing i struggle with).

overall, i’m happy with this one – simple and clean and a little racy ;)

colors used: orly iron butterfly, essie cocktails & coconuts, opi opi red.


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