31dc: day 10: gradient

i wanted to do something different for the gradient prompt today. i do a lot of gradients – they’re one of my favorite looks. so i didn’t want today to be just another one like all my others.

31dc gradient

i ended up choosing a color palette that i have a ton of (pink/purple) and doing a linear gradient. so each nail has three different colors going from light to dark, but from pinky to thumb it’s also going light to dark. i used painters tape and didn’t wait long enough so my lines didn’t turn out very crisp.

31dc gradient

my solution was to add a nice silver striping tape. this not only covered up some of the messy lines but really made the different colors stand out. so i used a lot of colors here, bear with me: wet n wild french white créme, sally hansen bubblegum pink, sally hansen fuschia, sally hansen pep-plum, sally hansen posh plum, essie sexy divide, and sally hansen velvet texture deluxe.



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