31dc: day five: blue

once again i am a fair-weather fan. the warriors won again last night and this city is pretty excited – it’s hard not to get caught up in that.

31dc blue

for this mani i used my trusty ol’ temporary tattoo paper. i knew there was no way i was going to get anywhere near the warriors logo so played it safe. i had thought about just doing their colors but decided if i can’t challenge myself during this 31dc – i never will.

31dc blue

my middle finger is painted to look like a basketball using china glaze unplugged and spoiled don’t be cheesy. unfortunately when i went to put in the texture of the bball it covered a lot of the rubber lines that i had drawn in. i like this macro shot because you can still see them :)

31dc blue

here’s another macro shot – so pretty! as you can see – even with the printer not all of the logo showed up. on the three nonaccent nails i used a really pretty new textured polish lots of lux by essie.

31dc blue

one last picture. i am very happy with this mani. and so timely too!



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