31dc: day one: red

I’m going to have a go at this 31 day challenge. i don’t really know if there’s supposed to be any rhyme or reason to when this challenge happens but i need some inspiration right now and hopefully this is how it’ll happen.

day one’s challenge is red. this is a hard color for me not to just think of love and sappy stuff. as i was pondering what things are red i thought of a flannel blanket – those are red!

31dc red

so i started off with a nude base coat (essie cocktails and coconuts). after that dried i applied strips of painters tape. and painted over my nails in red (wet n wild red a good book).

31dc red

i finished the look with some thin stripes in kiss spa12 black. they turned out really cute. i think the black stands out too much in my opinion.

31dc red

i really love this macro shot! it looks like a painting :) well i guess it is technically a painting. also here is the artwork i created for my 31dc challenge. all the ones i found online were branded somebody else so i figured that meant i needed to make my own too! (this also let me change one – i’ll say which one when i get to it).



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