hawaii, here i come!

i’m soooooooo excited! me and a friend just purchased tickets to hawaii for august. when i’m excited about something i need to do something creative to get these emotions out in the open. lucky for me it turned into a cute beachy sunset. man, i just wanna lay in that hammock all day!


here’s how this started out. messy! typically i use elmer’s glue around my nail which just peels off with the excess polish. well i got a little ahead of myself and just went straight for it this time. cleanup took a long time…

nail polishes used for sunset gradient

these are the colors i used for the gradient (spoiled did i dye it too blonde, nyc 237 (is that the name? i couldn’t find any other for it), spoiled: plenty of fish in the sea, kbshimmer shade shifter and spoiled visually slimming). the black really only showed up on the thumb. i was trying to make it look like the sun was in the middle of the manicure and was getting darker off to the sides. i think it worked out alright :)


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