avengers unite!

oh man – this was such a fun manicure. i love comic book movies! i also love how much attention these got over the past few days. working in retail a lot of people see my hands and i got a lot of compliments and questions. one of my favorite things is when someone asks where i got my nails done and then the shock on their face when i tell them i did them myself.

avengers avengers

this is how each hand started. i had it planned out which avenger was going on which finger and painted a color that was representative of them.

avengers avengers

the logos were originally going to be done by hand. some of them would have been easy. but there are a few that were just never going to look good. so i went to my trusty temporary tattoo paper and printed them out. i sorta felt like it was cheating but i don’t even care because they turned out so well! not to brag, but my nails turned out just as awesome as the movie!


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