go giants!

i may be a bandwagon fan. but the giants might be bandwagon fans of mine. they have won the world series 3 times since i moved to san francisco after all. those are the only world series championships they’ve won in the 50-some years they’ve been here. can that possibly be a coincidence? probably. but i like to think i had something to do with it. i have been to, like, 5 games in the last 5 years. so yeah, i’m pretty diehard ;) anyway this mani was intense. placing the little beads was crazy time consuming. i had painted a clear coat over the orange that i was sticking the beads into but by the time i got partway done the polish had dried too much and they weren’t sticking anymore. lots of trial and error here. one trick that did work really well, i drew the logo on top of the orange in pen. once the beads were on it completely covered the outline. that made it a lot easier to place.


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