this was a fun experiment. in the stamping kit that i got a while ago there was a great print that looks like butterfly wings. my original thought was to go for the obvious and do a yellow and orange monarch look but i just got this great silver holographic polish in the mail and really wanted to use it. overall i think the colors are great but i am still struggling with stamping! all these tutorials i watch everyone seems so proficient. maybe i’m trying to hard, or using the wrong polish or expecting too much. butterfly2

the stamp on these nails looks clean and a rich dark black but don’t be fooled – it’s sharpied! the stamp was originally so translucent and in some places almost non-existent that i would have either had to take all the polish off and do it again, or (as i decided to do) just trace over all the stamp with a fine tip sharpie. it was a lot more work than i planned on for this manicure but the result is good and i guess any practice with stamping can only make me better. butterfly3

the process for this manicure started out with a really unique polish that i got from claire’s/the icing. its called liquid metal and it’s very solid and shiny – i thought it would make a good base coat. the thing that’s unusual with this polish is that it dries almost immediately and is more like a paint pen than nail polish. i still haven’t decided if i like it or not, but a good buy nonetheless. next was my pretty new “pt young thing” holographic polish from kbshimmer on etsy. so pretty! lastly came the stamp in black with a whole bunch of colors sponged on top.


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