pink + yellow

so, apparently i’ve been doing gradients wrong. well, maybe not wrong but the hard way. up until this point, i’ve been taking a makeup sponge and dipping it in a single color and blotting it from the edge of my fingernail down. as i go in, sunset1the sponge loses most of the paint and that’s how it fades. it’s worked out well for me – i’ve had some nice gradients. but every time i want to do more than one color it turns into a bit of a production. so, i’ve been watching a lot of videos and looking at a bunch of blogs and stuff and it seems that everyone and their dog do gradients with all their colors on a single sponge (see pic). huh. i tried it out and it IS easier. i was worried about how much polish was going to be wasted this way but i was able to do one strip of each color on the sponge and do an entire hand. i had to do this three times to get the colors vibrant, but that’s one less swipe of color per hand than if i had painted them each a single color (with two coats). so that definitely made me feel better about it – i hate wasting polish! the cool thing about this gradient too is that, as you can see in the photo above, i only used three colors but with the overlaps it looks like at least 4 (thats a really pretty orange!).


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