i really wanted to use these swirly stickers again. i love the colors so much! i also love these stickers because i’ve had quite a few people (the last time i was wearing them) ask if i painted them. i wish! the hardest part for me with the stickers is finding the right size for each finger and then actually centering it on correctly. if you notice my ring finger – there is a huge gap on one side. it wouldn’t have been too noticeable had i centered it. that one’s bothering me right now. but probably no one else will notice. isn’t it weird how critical we are of ourselves and barely notice these things in other people. how we don’t connect the fact that me not caring about their perfection probably means their not caring about my perfection too. but no, we’re all the center of our own universe and most of the time fail to see that nobody’s looking very closely.


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