i watched a lot of youtube in the past few days and have decided to try my hand (haha) at water marbling. it always looks so cool and intricate. mine turned out all right. i struggled with time i think. by the time i got all the colors in and watermarble4was trying to swirl them together they were wanting to stick to the toothpick or not move at all. if i try this again i’m going to have to be more in fast-forward mode (i always thought those youtube vids were sped up but now i’m thinking you might actually have to go that fast!). my nails are really short right now, so i’m not a huge fan, but i do like this color combo. especially the way the gold pops! i think my two favorite nails are the ones in the picture on the left (taken with my new macro lens for my iphone). they have the most patterning to them.

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